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Due to the Covid 19 virus outbreak we have had to close our kennels to protect our customers and our staff. The website is still open and we would love you to look around it and use the forum and other parts that remain open. The only page that is not available is the 'Please Choose Me' page as we no longer have any dogs in the kennels, the 5 remaining ones at this time have gone into foster homes.

Please take care and look after yourselves and your dogs at this terrible time, we look forward to seeing you again when we are back to normal.

Best wishes to all.

Senior Sighthound Project.

Pet Greyhound Food  

The Retired Greyhound Trust is pleased to announce a new specialised dog food, called 'Pet Greyhound'

This new dog food has been created with everything your greyhound needs in one complete food. It is manufactured by Dodson & Horrell and produced in conjunction with the Retired Greyhound Trust.

2 x 15kg bags for 40 delivered to your door!

Click here to find out more.